Sovereignty Summer

In March 2013, the Idle No More movement and Defenders of the Land jointly issued a call for an intensification of action for a “Sovereignty Summer” for Indigenous rights and environmental protection. On recent events, see:

Woods, Michael. 2013. Aboriginal activists to ‘increase tension’ over rights during summer of action. Jun 20.

Howe, Miles. 2013. 12 more opposed to shale gas arrested as RCMP turn violent on National Aboriginal Day. Halifax Media Co-op. Jun 21.

On the recent history of criminalization of Indigenous protest, see:

Groves, Tim and Martin Lukacs. 2013. Assembly of First Nations, RCMP co-operated on response to mass protests in 2007. Toronto Star. Feb 15.

Groves, Tim and Martin Lukacs. 2011. Mounties spied on native protest groups. Toronto Star. Dec 4.

Diabo, Russell and Shiri Pasternak. 2011. First Nations Under Surveillance. Media Co-op. Jun 7.



One comment

  1. Update: Halifax Media Co-op reporter Miles Howe was arrested by RCMP on July 4 while covering the anti-fracking protests in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick. He was charged with uttering threats and obstruction of justice and released. There is an interesting twist to this story… see: Reporter arrested by RCMP alleges he turned down offer to become paid informant



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