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The Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The events that took place throughout the duration of the Oka Crisis serve as a reminder of Canada’s colonial and imperialist history.  Dispossession and exploitation of indigenous peoples and their land is a defining historical feature of the relationship between pre-Canadian colonial administrations and indigenous groups (Gordon 2011: 68).  According to Todd Gordon (2011), indigenous […]

Media Analysis of the Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The Oka Crisis – a 78-day standoff between Quebec police and the Mohawks of Kanesatake, lasting from July 11, 1990 to September 26, 1990 – was an event that garnered a tremendous amount of media attention that summer.  The dispute between the town of Oka and the Mohawks revolved around whether or not a golf […]

The Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The Oka crisis refers to the violent 78-day standoff involving the Quebec police, the Canadian armed forces, and the Mohawk natives of the towns of Kanesatake and Oka, on the northern shore across from the island of Montreal.  In March of 1990, the municipality of Oka announced plans for the expansion of a private golf […]