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science, knowledge, evidence, and the state- Critical analysis

The rallies and events that included chants of ‘death of evidence’ are significant in the understanding of power relations between the public, knowledge and the state. The protests also signify the importance of criminalization of dissent. Understanding criminalization of dissent helps us understand the deeper social, political and economic issues in our society. Studying the […]


Media has been a very significant tool throughout its history in creating knowledge, affecting consensus and shaping general public view, as well as an instrument of common-sense discourse. The use of media by the government and politicians has been a common thing in creating moral panics and propaganda for their political interests. As Boykoff (2007a) […]

“The Death of Evidence”

Scientists and hundreds of others rallied to Parliament Hill through downtown Ottawa on Tuesday July 10 2012, some dressed as reapers, others dressed in white-lab coats and many in black dresses. And no, it was not for Halloween, they mocked a funeral that represented what they called ‘death of evidence’ (Pedwell, 2012). The protesters, who consisted […]