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Sex Workers Should Have Rights Too!

The protests regarding sex workers were a form of resistance against sexual inequality and the right to have their work recognized as legitimate work. We as a society would like to think that we have evolved from our historical roots but that would be an unfair statement to make. Historically, “Certain people, because they have […]

Sex Workers Protest Against Bill C-36

The mass media is a common educational source of information for the general public. The media is powerful and can have bias in their news articles. The focus will be on the new legislation, Bill C-36 that was recently passed. Bill C-36 was the Conservative government’s response to the three laws related to prostitution being […]

Sex Worker Activism – Bedford case and Bill C-36

The sex work industry has been commonly known as one of the oldest professions and there are many issues surrounding this field of work. The sex work industry involves many different sectors such as prostitution, pornography, strip club employment, and escorts. There have been many issues surrounding this line of work as it is highly […]