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Thoughts on the 2013 Egypt Revolution

In Egypt, there was a coup d’etat by the army against their President Muhammad Morsi, starting a revolution. This invoked a second change in government in the last 2 years for Egypt. The military informed the public that Morsi could not fill his commitments of being the country’s first freely elected president, thus they had […]

Critical Analysis: 1997 APEC Conference

The APEC conference of 1997 was a meeting in the University of British Colombia of various North American and World Leaders to discuss trade talks between the corresponding nations. During the conference, there were a lot of student protestors and police to secure the event. The two sides clashed and turned into an unforgettable event […]

A Media Analysis on the 1997 APEC Conference

In November 1997, the APEC conference was held in the University of British Colombia in Vancouver. There were a lot of world leaders expected to attend this conference and it was envisioned that there would be a lot of protestors in attendance to hopefully give off a voice and attempt to persuade some of these […]

The 1997 Vancouver APEC Conference

Nations would use any measures necessary to assure all goes well at conferences that have important world leaders attending them. But when do these “measures” go too far? What is deemed appropriate, and what is deemed excessive? This is the basic issue of the APEC conference and protest that happened in Vancouver’s University of British […]