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Grassy Narrows Road Blockade 2002: A Look at the Greater Picture of Indigenous Struggles

The Grassy Narrows struggle against Abitibi-Consolidated is not a static event that simply occurred as a result of unfavourable circumstances within a particular community. Although the Ojibwa are taking a stand against a distinct corporation which is attempting to extract a certain resource, their road blockade emerged out of a greater, ongoing battle for equality […]

Grassy Narrows Road Blockade 2002: Analysis of Media Coverage

The Grassy Narrows road blockade has become the longest lasting blockade in Canadian history. In a recent article by the CBC news which highlights the ten year anniversary of the blockade, one of the main protesters, Judy DaSilva, is quoted. DaSilva stated that when the blockade was initiated, police told protesters that what they were […]

“No negotiations, no compensation, no more clear cutting”: The Grassy Narrows Road Blockade, 2002

“No negotiations, no compensation, no more clear cutting” has become the slogan of the Ojibwa First Nations people of Grassy Narrows in their contentious struggle against a major logging company known as Abitibi-Consolidated (The Fourth World 2005). This corporation is part of a larger consortium who have been progressively harming their territory. Located approximately 80 […]