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Democracy, government reaction, and resistance during the Quebec Student Movement

In a democratic state dissent should not be criminalized. Furthermore, resistance shouldn’t be dealt with in a coercive manner that only seeks to repress rather than address the demonstrator’s interests and true motives for initiating a strike in the first place. However, negotiating with the provincial government was challenging. It was challenging because the government was persistent […]

Dissecting the Longest Student Protest in Quebec History

Many representations, general public opinions, and discourses are used in order to dissect and critique the longest student strike in Québec history. Many mainstream articles from the Toronto Star,  The Gazette , The National Post, and many others seek to portray the event through a series of frames. A frame chooses “some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more […]

Quebec Students’ Strike/Movement

Students were undermined when the provincial government of Québec proposed that a tuition hike should be implemented. They wanted their voice to be heard and by working together for several months their movement ended up being a success and their efforts became noteworthy. Beginning at 8 p.m. every night since late April, tens of thousands of […]