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Critical Analysis: Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

The Kingston Penitentiary Riot of 1971 is a significant event for understanding the criminalization of dissent. The criminalization of dissent illustrates the wider social, political and economic issues in the Canadian state. There are a number of key theoretical and conceptual frameworks relevant to the Kingston Penitentiary Riot, including power dynamics and class struggles, the […]

Media Analysis: Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

The news media plays a significant role in our society, which is perceived as a neutral, balance and substantive source of information.  The ideal role of the media in a liberal democratic society is significant, such as its response to social movements and dissent. The Kingston Penitentiary Riot in 1971 illustrates the news media’s effort […]

Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

Kingston Penitentiary is a maximum-security prison located in the city of Kingston, Ontario. The penitentiary was officially opened on June 1, 1835 making it one of the oldest penitentiaries in North America (McCoy 2012). Kingston Penitentiary has experienced several significant events throughout its very long and dark history. The Kingston Penitentiary riot in 1971 is […]