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The Ipperwash Crisis: Colonial Relations, Sovereignty and State Violence

After indigenous residents of the Stoney Point First Nation occupied Ipperwash Provincial Park, the state sought to violently remove these individuals from this territory. This led to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) engaging in violent confrontations with these indigenous protesters, as they were pressured into removing them by the Ontario government. Therefore, it is vital to […]

The Ipperwash Crisis: How the News Media Portrayed It

The Ipperwash Crisis received extensive news media coverage as several different news agencies began to report and record what was occurring at the occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park on a daily basis. However, it should be noted that while the notion of “reporting” by these news agenics evokes an idea of objectivity and the neutral […]

An Overview of the Ipperwash Crisis

The Ipperwash Crisis was the ultimate result of Aboriginal resistance towards the Canadian state. It began on September 4, 1995 when several members from the Stoney Point Reserve moved onto Ipperwash Provincial Park to occupy it, since they firmly believed that the Canadian state had unjustly taken this land from their reserve. According to The […]