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All Aboard the Constitutional Express- desired destination: First Nation Rights

The Constitutional Express was a protest led by First Nations across Canada, brought on by proposed changes to the constitution in 1980 by P. Trudeau.  The protest was directed by the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), a  group founded in 1969, as a response to the proposed removal of the Indian Act to […]

Elsipogtog: An Overview of the Anti-Fracking Protest

 In June of 2013, First Nation members of Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, began their protest against hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, otherwise known as fracking. Mi’kmaq protestors stood strong and continued to fight for their land through the summer months by creating a blockade on a highway near the development site. On October 17, 2013, RCMP […]

The Harperman song: A story of public servant punishment and strategic intimidation

  Harperman is a 2015 protest song written by Anthony Turner about the former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Turner worked for the federal government as a scientist at Environmental Canada, where he was coordinating a project to map priority habitats for migratory birds. In March 2015, Turner entered a songwriting contest, where he was […]

Overview of Sex Workers Rights Movement in Canada

Over the course of history prostitution has been looked down upon and not considered a real job. This has proven itself again and again through our laws and regulations. However, many women and human rights groups have been challenging this point of view. Groups such as the Red Umbrella Fund, Pivot and Maggie’s have all […]

Oka Crisis – 1990

Case Study Overview: The Oka Crisis The Oka Crisis is a renowned land dispute between the Mohawk First Nations and the municipality of Oka, located outside of what is now known as Montreal, Quebec. While the incident involved Akwesasne, Kahnewake, and Kanesetake First Nations, the conflict was primarily situated within the contested borders of the […]

Maple Spring Movement 2012

For the past two decades, the Quebec government has witnessed thousands of students restlessly protest their intentions to raise post-secondary tuition fees.  In the 1990s, the Liberal government projected an increase of $500 to $1600 in tuition and increase of $280 annually over four years (The Canadian Press, 2012, May 22).  This sparked one of […]

Toronto G20 Summit Protests

When the G20 Summit was scheduled in Toronto for June 26th and 27th in 2010, it lead into an uproar of protesting that was something that had never been seen in the city. Protesters and police services were planning for months prior to the weekend to determine what their strategies and methods were to anticipate […]

Black Lives Matter at Toronto Pride 2016: Overview

On July 3rd, 2016, Black Lives Matter Toronto halted Toronto Pride’s main parade for over half an hour in defiant protest. The protest was led by the group’s co-founders, Alexandra Williams and Janaya Khan, who stalled the parade at a large intersection until Toronto Pride’s executive director agreed to their demands for change. They and […]

ODA Committee and the Progression of Disability Rights in Canada

Within the realm of human rights, many advances have been made in ensuring that fundamental liberties inherent to being human are upheld and respected. Within a Canadian context, the mecca of this progression lies with the adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on April 17, 1982. This legislation, spearheaded by then Prime […]

Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu Protest/ Riot

This blog post will provide an overview of the Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu protest/riot. This overview will discuss facts of the matter, which includes some contextual information, and a brief critique of the reported events. To begin, this protest/riot took place September 9, 2002 at Concordia University in downtown Montreal Quebec. It was meant to ensure […]