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Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu Protest/ Riot

This blog post will provide an overview of the Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu protest/riot. This overview will discuss facts of the matter, which includes some contextual information, and a brief critique of the reported events. To begin, this protest/riot took place September 9, 2002 at Concordia University in downtown Montreal Quebec. It was meant to ensure […]

No One is Illegal: Education NOT Deportation!

The bureaucratic nature of Immigration and Citizenship administration  in Canada creates a marginal space in which a person’s citizenship status plays a significant role determining their quality of life, regardless of their status as a human. No One Is Illegal – Toronto (NOII), is a network of refugees, immigrants, migrant workers and local community groups who […]

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff was the result of a variety of different First Nations interests coming to the forefront of Canadian society again, with Oka still fresh on the minds of many Canadians. Percy Rosette asked rancher Lyle James to preform a Sun Dance his land around Gustafsen Lake in 1994, part of the Lyle’s […]

Yonge Street Riot (1992) Overview

On May 4th, 1992, what began as fairly peaceful gathering in front of the US Consulate located in Toronto, escalated into what we now refer to as the Yonge St. Riot of 1992. The purpose of the gathering was to protest the racism and excessive use of force applied by Toronto Police. The decision to […]

Clash of Clans: The Uprising of Police Brutality and Citizens’ Response

Organized in 1995, the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (C.O.B.P., following their French acronym) is a group dedicated to the rights of those affected by police brutality. The group is still active today, organizing The International Day Against Police Brutality, which takes place every March 15, and has spread across the world. The group does […]

Idle No More: Chief Theresa Spence’s Hunger Strike

Theresa Spence is the chief of the First Nations community, Attawapiskat. On December 12, 2012, Chief Theresa Spence commenced her hunger strike; taking place camped on an island in the Ottawa River near the Parliament. The ongoing hunger strike sought recognition from the Canadian government especially as Chief Spence was seeking to have a discussion […]

Ipperwash: An Indigenous Resistance

As an important piece of Canadian and Indigenous history, the Ipperwash crisis was a fatal Indigenous land claims protest against the Canadian government in 1995 (Morden, 2013). The origins of the conflict at Ipperwash are deeply rooted in past socio-historical relations between the Canadian state and Indigenous people throughout the twentieth century (Morden, 2013, p. […]

The General Motors Oshawa Strike 1937

The 1937 Oshawa Strike is marked by many historians as being the first major event leading to the spread of Industrial Unionism in Canada. Taking place from April 8-23, 1937, more than 4000 workers of the General Motors plant in Oshawa struck on the basis of creating labour organization that would allow for fair wages […]

Take Back the Night: An Overview

For years, women in society have been given rules to abide by, and are reprimanded if they do not follow them. Some of these rules include: dressing respectably; and avoiding unsafe areas at night, unless in the presence of a male. In response to these unwritten rules, a group of European women came together in […]

The ‘Netanyahu Riot’ at Concordia University

Few conflicts have proven to be more pervasive among religious groups than the Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s no exaggeration to say this conflict has become the focal point of tensions between Muslim and Jewish communities around the world.  Concordia University grabbed headlines back in September 2002 when tensions reached a boiling point between Israeli and Palestinian […]