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Deflection of Land Claim Issues to Terrorism

The dispute over the land rights and the reclamation of subdivision of Douglass Creek Estates in Calendonia by the Haudenosaunee has been portrayed in the media as lawless and it has decentred the focus of the reclamation of the Caledonian construction site from a land rights issue to an issue of terrorism (Adese 2009). The […]

Caledonia: The Fight Against History

It is common knowledge that the British and French came to Canada to colonize the country. It is also common knowledge that Aboriginal peoples were kicked out of their homes and forced to relocate to make room for the colonizers. Aboriginal peoples face various struggles throughout colonization, the most devastating is the deterioration of their […]

Violent, Disruptive, and Lawless – Depictions of Six Nations Protestors

Over the past six years there has been considerable media coverage concerning the Six Nations land reclamation in Caledonia. The Six Nations occupied the Henco Industries housing development in order to reclaim the land that was wrongfully taken from them. Although the media has provided considerable coverage concerning the reclamation, they have failed to provide […]

The “Othering” of Natives in the Caledonia Dispute

On February 28, 2006, a group of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory set up barricades on the disputed lands in Caledonia to prevent the construction of the Douglass Creek Estates subdivision by Henco Industries (CBC.ca 2006). Since the barricades have been constructed, the media coverage on the reclamation protests has not been very […]

“Our Home and Native Land” – Caledonia Land Reclamation (2006)

On February 28th, 2006, a group of Six Nations peoples set up camp and stopped production at the Henco Industries development site in Caledonia, Ontario (Hill 2009: 480; CBC News 2006b). Henco Industries received approval from the municipal government to build a suburban housing development called the Douglas Creek Estates, which the Six Nations claimed […]

Six Nations of Grand River Reclamation, Caledonia, 2006

On February 28, 2006, a group of Haudenosaunee Six Nations from the Grand River Territory protested the Caledonia construction site based on the claim that the development of the land by Henco Industries infringes on Six Nations territory (CBC.ca 2006a). Henco Industries attempted to develop the subdivision of the Douglass Creek Estates on the disputed […]