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The Ipperwash Crisis: An Analysis

It is undeniable that the outcome of the Ipperwash crisis was none less than devastating. The death of Dudley George and the actions of the police towards the protestors as a group allows for the issue of criminalizing dissent to be brought to light, and hopefully eventually addressed at the institutional level. The Ipperwash crisis […]

Direct Action or Terrorism – A Critical Analysis of the Squamish Five and their Disreputable Place in Canadian History

Terrorism for most people is captured more in images than in words. Whether it is hostage-taking, piracy, or indiscriminate bombings and shootings, the victims are typically described as having been innocents or non-combatants. And always, those labeled as terrorists are identified as the force which threatens democratic order (Perdue, 1989). Terrorism is a hot button […]

CSIS, Aboriginal Affairs kept close watch on First Nations protest movement [Montreal Gazette]

See: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/CSIS+Aboriginal+Affairs+kept+close+watch+First+Nations/8775522/story.html

The Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The events that took place throughout the duration of the Oka Crisis serve as a reminder of Canada’s colonial and imperialist history.  Dispossession and exploitation of indigenous peoples and their land is a defining historical feature of the relationship between pre-Canadian colonial administrations and indigenous groups (Gordon 2011: 68).  According to Todd Gordon (2011), indigenous […]

Anti-war movements/Protest (Post 9/11)

When the events of September 11, 2001 occurred most people did not have the slightest idea of their implications on civil liberties.  The majority of Americans believed that those responsible were to be brought to justice by any mean necessary.  With the benediction of American congress and American people, the Bush administration was provided with […]