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Oka Crisis – 1990

Case Study Overview: The Oka Crisis The Oka Crisis is a renowned land dispute between the Mohawk First Nations and the municipality of Oka, located outside of what is now known as Montreal, Quebec. While the incident involved Akwesasne, Kahnewake, and Kanesetake First Nations, the conflict was primarily situated within the contested borders of the […]

Kanehsatà:ke (Oka), 23 years later…

On the 23rd anniversary of the “Oka Crisis”, a rally was held at Oka Park to remember the events of 1990, but also to protest the incursion of Enbridge representatives  to inspect a pipeline — which included drilling into the ground — running through the territory, as part of plans to reverse the flow of […]

Oka Crisis: Critical Analysis

It is of the upmost importance to realize that the media play a massive role in the potential outcome of protests. Media coverage depending on what “side” they are on can make a change. The media has the ability to take the social issues at hand and make them known to everyone; however, they can […]

The Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The events that took place throughout the duration of the Oka Crisis serve as a reminder of Canada’s colonial and imperialist history.  Dispossession and exploitation of indigenous peoples and their land is a defining historical feature of the relationship between pre-Canadian colonial administrations and indigenous groups (Gordon 2011: 68).  According to Todd Gordon (2011), indigenous […]

Media Analysis Oka Crisis

There has been a lot of media coverage over the Oka Crisis. The problem with mainstream media, as much as it is supposed to stay unbiased and report solely on the issue at hand, there is biases that help to shape the ideas of the reader. Before focusing on the mainstream news, you must identify […]

The Oka Crisis

The Oka Crisis began on July 11, 1990 in Oka, Quebec and was a land dispute between the Mohawk nation and the non-aboriginal residents of the town and lasted until September 26, 1990. This dispute had resulted in the death of a police officer, and was widely publicized throughout Canada and United States. The conflict […]

Media Analysis of the Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The Oka Crisis – a 78-day standoff between Quebec police and the Mohawks of Kanesatake, lasting from July 11, 1990 to September 26, 1990 – was an event that garnered a tremendous amount of media attention that summer.  The dispute between the town of Oka and the Mohawks revolved around whether or not a golf […]