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Regulation 233/10: More than a Security Measure!

The G20 Summit protests will be remembered for two things; one being the implementation of Regulation 233/10 and subsequently from that, the event responsible for the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Former Premier McGunity and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair have exhausted the excuse of “need for security” during the G20 as the rationale […]

Toronto G-20 Summit Protests: Confusion, Secrecy and the Media

Do you remember when you were a child and a game called broken telephone was played? It involved passing a message from person to person really fast, by the time the last person received the message it was a remade and distorted version of the original message. The game created confusion and left the entire […]

Bill 115: Whose Agenda is Being Pushed?

There has been much news coverage of the recent wage freeze bill, Bill 115. When looking at it from a critical point of view, the way the media portrays it is quite negatively. There are many frames that are evident throughout the coverage of the ongoing event. Furthermore, it comes rather as a surprise that […]

Six Nations of Grand River Reclamation, Caledonia, 2006

On February 28, 2006, a group of Haudenosaunee Six Nations from the Grand River Territory protested the Caledonia construction site based on the claim that the development of the land by Henco Industries infringes on Six Nations territory (CBC.ca 2006a). Henco Industries attempted to develop the subdivision of the Douglass Creek Estates on the disputed […]

Bill 115 and the Ontario School Budget Freeze

This blog will focus on the topic of the Ontario school wage freeze. On September 11th, 2012 the Ontario government passed bill 115. The legislation that was passed, imposed anti- strike measures for teachers for two years and a freeze on their wages. Bill 115 not only prevails anti-strike rules but also puts all teachers […]

Kingston Penitentiary Riot, April 1971

The Kingston Penitentiary Riot of April 1971 was a four-day event that took place from Wednesday April 14 to Sunday April 18, 1971 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Desroches 1974). According to eye-witness accounts given to authorities by inmates in Kingston Penitentiary during the occurrences, there appeared to be rumors circulating in the days leading up to the outbreak of […]