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YONGE STREET RIOT 1992 – Critical Analysis

The Yonge Street Riot of 1992 holds a great deal of significance when analyzing the criminalization of dissent. In short, this event originated as a peaceful gathering in light of the outcomes of the Rodney King case in Los Angeles (Bradburn, 2011). Other contributing cases of police brutality at the time included the killing of […]

The Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The events that took place throughout the duration of the Oka Crisis serve as a reminder of Canada’s colonial and imperialist history.  Dispossession and exploitation of indigenous peoples and their land is a defining historical feature of the relationship between pre-Canadian colonial administrations and indigenous groups (Gordon 2011: 68).  According to Todd Gordon (2011), indigenous […]

Democracy, government reaction, and resistance during the Quebec Student Movement

In a democratic state dissent should not be criminalized. Furthermore, resistance shouldn’t be dealt with in a coercive manner that only seeks to repress rather than address the demonstrator’s interests and true motives for initiating a strike in the first place. However, negotiating with the provincial government was challenging. It was challenging because the government was persistent […]

Occupying Toronto Within State Set Boundaries

In the previous media analysis post, eight different news articles were examined and each used frames that delegitimized and downplayed the significance of the movement. The eight articles mentioned, provide a false balance within their representation of the movement. In the articles, they tried to show the movement in a positive light but concluded by […]

Radicals and Anarchists: The ‘New’ Crisis of Hegemony

Have our fears finally aligned with our ideals or do they just continue to inform them?  The paradigm shift from fear to stability has seen a return to old conventions that have merely adopted new forms.   Our endless struggles to overthrow the very systems we reaffirm everyday continue to shape our fears, contentions, and divisions. […]

Occupy Toronto: How Media Viewed the Movement

The “occupy Toronto” movement gained rapid momentum with the publicity it received from all avenues of media: print, television, radio, and more recently, social networking sites. Each avenue reported the event from a different perspective. Almost all newspapers analyzed were very critical of the agenda and overall message of the movement, while some newspapers were […]

The Montreal Student protest: The influence of the media

Montreal student protests like all protests consist of two different and opposing positions. The Students’ position is that they are not willing to pay any increase in tuition. They argue that tuition has increased 4 fold in the past few decades and students are in financial hardships because of this. Any increase would contribute to […]

Violent, Disruptive, and Lawless – Depictions of Six Nations Protestors

Over the past six years there has been considerable media coverage concerning the Six Nations land reclamation in Caledonia. The Six Nations occupied the Henco Industries housing development in order to reclaim the land that was wrongfully taken from them. Although the media has provided considerable coverage concerning the reclamation, they have failed to provide […]

Occupy What? — Occupy Toronto Media Portrayal

Through analyzing mainstream media news reports covering the Occupy Toronto movement, I have found that there is a large tendency for these news reports to use frames of disruption, ignorance, and amalgam of grievances to achieve their goals of downplaying the significance of the movement. The three frames that have been used in the news […]

The “Othering” of Natives in the Caledonia Dispute

On February 28, 2006, a group of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory set up barricades on the disputed lands in Caledonia to prevent the construction of the Douglass Creek Estates subdivision by Henco Industries (CBC.ca 2006). Since the barricades have been constructed, the media coverage on the reclamation protests has not been very […]