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Critical Understanding of Montreal Protests

In order to fully understand the underlying issues in a conflict such as the Montreal student protests, we must examine the dynamics of power that were present and how those influenced the way that the protests were policed. In doing this, we must also examine how a shift to a neo-liberal state has caused a […]

Media coverage disapproval of the 2012 Montreal Protests

News, television, radio and other media often influence the way in which events are perceived by society. Through the implementation of certain frames “simplified snapshots are converted into events and events are converted into news stories” (Boykoff, 2007, pp.217). This is problematic because the snapshots show only one moment and don’t wholly encompass all of […]


In the 1990’s, the Quebec Liberal Government proposed a tuition hike for students which would increase it from $500 to $1600 (CBC News, 2012). This proposal led to an uproar from students who argued that it was unfair and subsequently thousands took to the street in protest. Unfortunately, their voices were not heard and eventually […]

Sovereignty Summer

In March 2013, the Idle No More movement and Defenders of the Land jointly issued a call for an intensification of action for a “Sovereignty Summer” for Indigenous rights and environmental protection. On recent events, see: Woods, Michael. 2013. Aboriginal activists to ‘increase tension’ over rights during summer of action. canada.com. Jun 20. http://o.canada.com/2013/06/20/aboriginal-activists-to-increase-tension-over-rights-during-summer-of-action/ Howe, Miles. 2013. […]

Occupy Toronto: limitations to freedom of speech

The Occupy movement provided an extensive look into the deeply cemented problems and issues that are present in a democratic country like Canada. In the last blog, almost all newspapers analyzed provided a critical view of the movement by reporting on only specific issues dealing with the Occupancy of Bay Street and St.James Park. In […]

Oka Crisis: Critical Analysis

It is of the upmost importance to realize that the media play a massive role in the potential outcome of protests. Media coverage depending on what “side” they are on can make a change. The media has the ability to take the social issues at hand and make them known to everyone; however, they can […]

Grassy Narrows Road Blockade 2002: Analysis of Media Coverage

The Grassy Narrows road blockade has become the longest lasting blockade in Canadian history. In a recent article by the CBC news which highlights the ten year anniversary of the blockade, one of the main protesters, Judy DaSilva, is quoted. DaSilva stated that when the blockade was initiated, police told protesters that what they were […]

The Quebec City Protests at the 3rd Summit of the Americas

In April 2001, The 3rd Summit of the America‘s was being held by the Free Trade Area of the America’s, or FTAA, in Quebec City in order to discuss the possibility of a free-trade agreement and a globalized market between the North, South and Central America. The event brought together the leaders of the America’s […]

G20 Policing: State organized violence

G20 stands for Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 20 economies (G2012 Mexico 2012). In 1999, G20 was established to examine key issues in the global economy to bring together important industrialized and developing economies (G2012 Mexico 2012).G20 encourages open discussion on key issues related to global economic stability between industrial and emerging-market […]