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Dissecting the Longest Student Protest in Quebec History

Many representations, general public opinions, and discourses are used in order to dissect and critique the longest student strike in Québec history. Many mainstream articles from the Toronto Star,  The Gazette , The National Post, and many others seek to portray the event through a series of frames. A frame chooses “some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more […]

Quebec City Protests at the 3rd Summit of the Americas: Media Analysis

It is easy to underestimate how important a role the media plays in our understanding of crime, as well as shaping public discourse on social and political events.  In our liberal democratic society, the media acts as the voice of state institutions, and often aims to benefit the best interests of the Government or the […]

The Oka Crisis

The Oka Crisis began on July 11, 1990 in Oka, Quebec and was a land dispute between the Mohawk nation and the non-aboriginal residents of the town and lasted until September 26, 1990. This dispute had resulted in the death of a police officer, and was widely publicized throughout Canada and United States. The conflict […]

The Quebec City Protests at the 3rd Summit of the Americas

In April 2001, The 3rd Summit of the America‘s was being held by the Free Trade Area of the America’s, or FTAA, in Quebec City in order to discuss the possibility of a free-trade agreement and a globalized market between the North, South and Central America. The event brought together the leaders of the America’s […]