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The Oka Crisis- Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis: The Oka Crisis The Oka Crisis of 1990 resulted from the enduring racist ideological foundation of the Canadian state that grants it utmost authority in governing Indigenous land and to deny to Indigenous populations the right to self-determination (Gordon, 2006, p. 34). The following analysis reveals the power relations behind the Oka Crisis […]

“The Death of Evidence”

Scientists and hundreds of others rallied to Parliament Hill through downtown Ottawa on Tuesday July 10 2012, some dressed as reapers, others dressed in white-lab coats and many in black dresses. And no, it was not for Halloween, they mocked a funeral that represented what they called ‘death of evidence’ (Pedwell, 2012). The protesters, who consisted […]

Critical Analysis: Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

The Kingston Penitentiary Riot of 1971 is a significant event for understanding the criminalization of dissent. The criminalization of dissent illustrates the wider social, political and economic issues in the Canadian state. There are a number of key theoretical and conceptual frameworks relevant to the Kingston Penitentiary Riot, including power dynamics and class struggles, the […]

The Quebec City Protests at the 3rd Summit of the Americas

In April 2001, The 3rd Summit of the America‘s was being held by the Free Trade Area of the America’s, or FTAA, in Quebec City in order to discuss the possibility of a free-trade agreement and a globalized market between the North, South and Central America. The event brought together the leaders of the America’s […]

Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

Kingston Penitentiary is a maximum-security prison located in the city of Kingston, Ontario. The penitentiary was officially opened on June 1, 1835 making it one of the oldest penitentiaries in North America (McCoy 2012). Kingston Penitentiary has experienced several significant events throughout its very long and dark history. The Kingston Penitentiary riot in 1971 is […]