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In September 1995, indigenous residents of Stoney Point First Nation occupied Ipperwash Provincial Park to protest the extensive appropriation of Stoney Point Reserve by the federal government and their subsequent dispossession (The Ipperwash Inquiry, 2007: 16). Using Ipperwash as a case study of contemporary colonialism, this critical analysis will examine how “Canada [continues to be] […]

Critical Analysis: Killing one person is murder. Killing 100, 000 is foreign policy: A look into recent Anti-War Movements, post 9/11

The Hamilton Coalition to Stop War, hereafter regarded as the HCSW, are an anti-war movement. In a post 9-11 context, HCSW have demonstrated protests against Canadian legislation passed for wars across seas. Particularly, the Palestinian and Iranian conflict, where the need to increase homeland security through the implementation of regulatory legislation has caused a distaste for numerous individuals […]

Critical Analysis of Women’s Riot at the Kingston Prison for Women

The women’s riot at the Kingston Prison for Women erupted on April 24, 1994, when six women prisoners violently attacked the correctional officers and took one hostage. During this confrontation, one of the officers was badly injured. The riot did not last long; the women were immediately apprehended by prison guards and charged with prison […]

Media Analysis: Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971

The news media plays a significant role in our society, which is perceived as a neutral, balance and substantive source of information.  The ideal role of the media in a liberal democratic society is significant, such as its response to social movements and dissent. The Kingston Penitentiary Riot in 1971 illustrates the news media’s effort […]

A Media Analysis on the 1997 APEC Conference

In November 1997, the APEC conference was held in the University of British Colombia in Vancouver. There were a lot of world leaders expected to attend this conference and it was envisioned that there would be a lot of protestors in attendance to hopefully give off a voice and attempt to persuade some of these […]