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Media Representations of The Burnt Church Crisis

News coverage of the Burnt Church Crisis exposed deep fissures between Canada’s Indigenous peoples and the mainstream media. In late 1999, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Mi’kmaq community of New Brunswick was entitled, as per their treaty rights, to hunt and fish without a licence and out of season in pursuit of […]

The October Crisis and why it is still important 44 years later

Security is a term that is often discussed with distain and mistrust by scholars, academics and media alike. In today’s society many scholars like to talk about how we live in a ‘post-9/11’ era and as a result have witnessed the implementation of many aggressive security measures. It was after these horrific events that North […]

The Burnt Church Crisis

The Burnt Church Crisis was a conflict in New Brunswick, Canada, from 1999-2002, between the Mi’kmaq community of Burnt Church and the non-Native residents of New Brunswick. The underlying cause of the dispute between the Mi’kmaq people and the non-Natives was the disagreement of fishing rights in the Miramichi Bay. The Mi’kmaq community claimed that they […]

Regulation 233/10: More than a Security Measure!

The G20 Summit protests will be remembered for two things; one being the implementation of Regulation 233/10 and subsequently from that, the event responsible for the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Former Premier McGunity and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair have exhausted the excuse of “need for security” during the G20 as the rationale […]

Toronto G-20 Summit Protests: Confusion, Secrecy and the Media

Do you remember when you were a child and a game called broken telephone was played? It involved passing a message from person to person really fast, by the time the last person received the message it was a remade and distorted version of the original message. The game created confusion and left the entire […]

G20 Policing: State organized violence

G20 stands for Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 20 economies (G2012 Mexico 2012). In 1999, G20 was established to examine key issues in the global economy to bring together important industrialized and developing economies (G2012 Mexico 2012).G20 encourages open discussion on key issues related to global economic stability between industrial and emerging-market […]

The 1997 Vancouver APEC Conference

Nations would use any measures necessary to assure all goes well at conferences that have important world leaders attending them. But when do these “measures” go too far? What is deemed appropriate, and what is deemed excessive? This is the basic issue of the APEC conference and protest that happened in Vancouver’s University of British […]

2010 G-20 Toronto Summit Protests

Well before the G-20 Toronto summit brought together members from the 20 major economies including the European Union to discuss the global financial system and world economy, a blueprint to turn a part of downtown Toronto into a secured militarized fortress was in place. The plan was to transform the downtown core into a barricaded […]