What does the criminalization of dissent tell us about the social, political and economic relations of the Canadian state?

This website is a hub for a seminar that interrogates the politics of criminalization processes in Canada through a focus on the relationship between the state and political contention in  Canada. The seminar participants and blog contributors are criminology students at York University, Toronto.

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

The criminalizingdissent blog is a public resource that serves as a record, and critical analysis, of a range of struggles in Canada. One of our objectives is to make visible the complexities of struggles that take place, which are often ignored by conventional media outlets – a powerful form of silencing that is part of criminalization and repression. We seek to document and consider the implications of the ways in which dissent and resistance, in various forms of organization, are responses and responded to by the institutions of the Canadian state.



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