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All Aboard the Constitutional Express- desired destination: First Nation Rights

The Constitutional Express was a protest led by First Nations across Canada, brought on by proposed changes to the constitution in 1980 by P. Trudeau.  The protest was directed by the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), a  group founded in 1969, as a response to the proposed removal of the Indian Act to […]

ODA Committee and the Progression of Disability Rights in Canada

Within the realm of human rights, many advances have been made in ensuring that fundamental liberties inherent to being human are upheld and respected. Within a Canadian context, the mecca of this progression lies with the adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on April 17, 1982. This legislation, spearheaded by then Prime […]

Gustafsen Lake: Rebels and Dancers

The media coverage over the Gustafsen Lake standoff represents the paternalistic, dismissive attitude the Canadian government and police have of First Nations people. In analyzing media coverage of the Gustafsen Lake Standoff key dominate narratives include the government’s use of National Chief Ovide Mercredi to provide a disingenuous divide between First Nations people of Canada, […]

Sex Workers Protest Against Bill C-36

The mass media is a common educational source of information for the general public. The media is powerful and can have bias in their news articles. The focus will be on the new legislation, Bill C-36 that was recently passed. Bill C-36 was the Conservative government’s response to the three laws related to prostitution being […]

Sex Worker Activism – Bedford case and Bill C-36

The sex work industry has been commonly known as one of the oldest professions and there are many issues surrounding this field of work. The sex work industry involves many different sectors such as prostitution, pornography, strip club employment, and escorts. There have been many issues surrounding this line of work as it is highly […]

The 1997 Vancouver APEC Conference

Nations would use any measures necessary to assure all goes well at conferences that have important world leaders attending them. But when do these “measures” go too far? What is deemed appropriate, and what is deemed excessive? This is the basic issue of the APEC conference and protest that happened in Vancouver’s University of British […]