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Part I, Part II The riot at Concordia University showed how such events are handled by police, as well as how events are communicated to the public for certain interests. In this final part, the ‘Netanyahu Riot’ will be put in perspective, and the power struggle which took place will be examined. The protesters in […]

Media Representations of the Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu protests

This blog post will analyse the dominant representations of the Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu protest/riot within mainstream news media. This analysis will identify and critique the kind of information being included/excluded, the manner by which the protesters were framed and suppressed, and the consequences of the particular representations. The examined articles do a poor job at […]

The ‘Netanyahu Riot’ II – Media Analysis

For Part I of this analysis, click here The protest and subsequent violence which took place at Concordia University made headlines in 2002. While the demonstration might have been intended to be non-violent, the tension and animosity surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reached a fever pitch. Several people attending the planned speech of (then) former Israeli […]

Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu Protest/ Riot

This blog post will provide an overview of the Concordia University Anti-Netanyahu protest/riot. This overview will discuss facts of the matter, which includes some contextual information, and a brief critique of the reported events. To begin, this protest/riot took place September 9, 2002 at Concordia University in downtown Montreal Quebec. It was meant to ensure […]

The ‘Netanyahu Riot’ at Concordia University

Few conflicts have proven to be more pervasive among religious groups than the Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s no exaggeration to say this conflict has become the focal point of tensions between Muslim and Jewish communities around the world.  Concordia University grabbed headlines back in September 2002 when tensions reached a boiling point between Israeli and Palestinian […]