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Gustafsen Lake: Rebels and Dancers

The media coverage over the Gustafsen Lake standoff represents the paternalistic, dismissive attitude the Canadian government and police have of First Nations people. In analyzing media coverage of the Gustafsen Lake Standoff key dominate narratives include the government’s use of National Chief Ovide Mercredi to provide a disingenuous divide between First Nations people of Canada, […]

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff was the result of a variety of different First Nations interests coming to the forefront of Canadian society again, with Oka still fresh on the minds of many Canadians. Percy Rosette asked rancher Lyle James to preform a Sun Dance his land around Gustafsen Lake in 1994, part of the Lyle’s […]

Women’s Suffrage: The Difference between Prosecution and Persecution

Women suffragette’s organized themselves and protested against inequality and their lack of rights for a span of decades between the late 19th century and early 20th century.  During this time in Canada, patriarchy was deeply embedded in the social, economic and political fabric of the nation and many women were ready for a change.  The […]

Kingston Penitentiary Riot, April 1971: Media Analysis

Remarkably, however expectedly, mainstream media has found numerous ways to depict the events that had transpired during the four-day riot at Kingston Penitentiary in 1971. The death of two inmates occurred during this riot. Through an analysis of five different articles written by well-known newspapers, I have been able to conclude that their [newspapers] depiction […]

Manly Women: Depicitons of Women Suffraggettes in the Media

Women in Canada made tireless efforts over a span of decades before being granted franchise.  Media coverage of this struggle existed from the inception and continued through the duration of the plight.  It is telling to examine the role media played in the suppression of dissent prior to the Wartime Elections Act in comparison to […]

Media Constructions: “Othering” and Nation Building Construct Occupy Protesters as a Threat to Capitalism

Welcome back to the second blog on Toronto’s Occupy movement. In this second blog, I will critically analyze the media coverage of Toronto’s Occupy movement. Specifically, I review newspaper articles from the Toronto Star that construct individual identities of two key players, Susan Ursel and Antonin Yvan Mongeau. Furthermore, the three key media scripts of […]