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Elsipogtog: An Analysis of the Anti-Fracking Protest

The Elsipogtog First Nation anti-fracking protest of 2013 has left an undeniable, eye-opening impact on Canadians which allowed them to see current issues faced by Indigenous communities across the country. The unjust events that took place during the months of the protest, such as the violent raid by the RCMP, are prime examples of how […]

Elsipogtog: An Overview of the Anti-Fracking Protest

 In June of 2013, First Nation members of Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, began their protest against hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, otherwise known as fracking. Mi’kmaq protestors stood strong and continued to fight for their land through the summer months by creating a blockade on a highway near the development site. On October 17, 2013, RCMP […]

The Ipperwash Crisis: An Analysis

It is undeniable that the outcome of the Ipperwash crisis was none less than devastating. The death of Dudley George and the actions of the police towards the protestors as a group allows for the issue of criminalizing dissent to be brought to light, and hopefully eventually addressed at the institutional level. The Ipperwash crisis […]

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff was the result of a variety of different First Nations interests coming to the forefront of Canadian society again, with Oka still fresh on the minds of many Canadians. Percy Rosette asked rancher Lyle James to preform a Sun Dance his land around Gustafsen Lake in 1994, part of the Lyle’s […]

Take Back the Night: An Overview

For years, women in society have been given rules to abide by, and are reprimanded if they do not follow them. Some of these rules include: dressing respectably; and avoiding unsafe areas at night, unless in the presence of a male. In response to these unwritten rules, a group of European women came together in […]

SlutWalk Toronto: Resisting Sexual Violence & Slut Shaming

Slut. Whore. Skank. Tramp. These words are used on an every day basis to characterize women who do not abide by the gender norms thrust upon them by society. These words are weighed down by stereotypical understandings of femininity: a woman who is passive, virtuous and chaste. Through this lens, the issue of sexual violence […]

Sovereignty Summer

In March 2013, the Idle No More movement and Defenders of the Land jointly issued a call for an intensification of action for a “Sovereignty Summer” for Indigenous rights and environmental protection. On recent events, see: Woods, Michael. 2013. Aboriginal activists to ‘increase tension’ over rights during summer of action. canada.com. Jun 20. http://o.canada.com/2013/06/20/aboriginal-activists-to-increase-tension-over-rights-during-summer-of-action/ Howe, Miles. 2013. […]

Grassy Narrows Road Blockade 2002: A Look at the Greater Picture of Indigenous Struggles

The Grassy Narrows struggle against Abitibi-Consolidated is not a static event that simply occurred as a result of unfavourable circumstances within a particular community. Although the Ojibwa are taking a stand against a distinct corporation which is attempting to extract a certain resource, their road blockade emerged out of a greater, ongoing battle for equality […]

“Now That I have seen the Pictures, I can see that this was Just a Downtown Freak Show”: Media Coverage of SlutWalk Toronto

SlutWalk Toronto is a powerful movement that challenges the dominant discourse of victim-blaming and slut-shaming in sexual violence. Whether it is the movement’s audacious title, or the sting of Constable Sanguinetti’s statement, this annual protest has been at the centre of much media attention since its inception in February 2011. The empowering attitude that this […]

Media Analysis of the Oka Crisis (Kanesatake), Quebec, 1990

The Oka Crisis – a 78-day standoff between Quebec police and the Mohawks of Kanesatake, lasting from July 11, 1990 to September 26, 1990 – was an event that garnered a tremendous amount of media attention that summer.  The dispute between the town of Oka and the Mohawks revolved around whether or not a golf […]