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Sovereignty Summer

In March 2013, the Idle No More movement and Defenders of the Land jointly issued a call for an intensification of action for a “Sovereignty Summer” for Indigenous rights and environmental protection. On recent events, see: Woods, Michael. 2013. Aboriginal activists to ‘increase tension’ over rights during summer of action. canada.com. Jun 20. http://o.canada.com/2013/06/20/aboriginal-activists-to-increase-tension-over-rights-during-summer-of-action/ Howe, Miles. 2013. […]

Regulation 233/10: More than a Security Measure!

The G20 Summit protests will be remembered for two things; one being the implementation of Regulation 233/10 and subsequently from that, the event responsible for the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Former Premier McGunity and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair have exhausted the excuse of “need for security” during the G20 as the rationale […]

Tactics Used For Controlling Dissent

When there is a social movement or dissent, it means that the public is going against the state or wants to see changes. To raise their concern for certain issues they would protest in events where there will be some political attention given to them and an opportunity for them to raise awareness in the […]

“Because We’ve Had Enough”: Critical Analysis of SlutWalk Toronto

The SlutWalk Toronto movement is a  form of resistance against sexual inequality and sexual violence. For nearly two years, SlutWalk Toronto has effectively challenged the slut-shaming and victim-blaming mentality that pervades the Toronto Police Service. The offensive statement delivered by Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti at Osgoode Hall Law School in January 2011, revealed much more […]

Occupy Toronto: How Media Viewed the Movement

The “occupy Toronto” movement gained rapid momentum with the publicity it received from all avenues of media: print, television, radio, and more recently, social networking sites. Each avenue reported the event from a different perspective. Almost all newspapers analyzed were very critical of the agenda and overall message of the movement, while some newspapers were […]

Toronto G-20 Summit Protests: Confusion, Secrecy and the Media

Do you remember when you were a child and a game called broken telephone was played? It involved passing a message from person to person really fast, by the time the last person received the message it was a remade and distorted version of the original message. The game created confusion and left the entire […]

Grassy Narrows Road Blockade 2002: Analysis of Media Coverage

The Grassy Narrows road blockade has become the longest lasting blockade in Canadian history. In a recent article by the CBC news which highlights the ten year anniversary of the blockade, one of the main protesters, Judy DaSilva, is quoted. DaSilva stated that when the blockade was initiated, police told protesters that what they were […]

2010 G-20 Toronto Summit Protests

Well before the G-20 Toronto summit brought together members from the 20 major economies including the European Union to discuss the global financial system and world economy, a blueprint to turn a part of downtown Toronto into a secured militarized fortress was in place. The plan was to transform the downtown core into a barricaded […]

“However we dress, wherever we go, YES means YES and NO means NO”: An Overview of SlutWalk Toronto

“You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here. I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this, however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” (Police Constable Michael Saguinetti 2011). At a safety forum on York University’s campus in January 2011, the offensive comment made by Police Constable […]