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How the Media Framed Take Back the Night, Vancouver, 2013

The media is the main source of information regarding numerous events in society, thus shaping our understandings and opinions on a continual basis. Without the extensive coverage of the news, many events would be left invisible to the general public. That being said, it is crucial to always remain critical of the messages being portrayed. […]

Take Back the Night: An Overview

For years, women in society have been given rules to abide by, and are reprimanded if they do not follow them. Some of these rules include: dressing respectably; and avoiding unsafe areas at night, unless in the presence of a male. In response to these unwritten rules, a group of European women came together in […]

“Because We’ve Had Enough”: Critical Analysis of SlutWalk Toronto

The SlutWalk Toronto movement is a  form of resistance against sexual inequality and sexual violence. For nearly two years, SlutWalk Toronto has effectively challenged the slut-shaming and victim-blaming mentality that pervades the Toronto Police Service. The offensive statement delivered by Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti at Osgoode Hall Law School in January 2011, revealed much more […]

Slutwalk: Moving Against Intolerance and Toward Education

The ‘SlutWalk’ movement began in 2011 after Toronto policeman caused an outcry by telling a group of York  University students that women should ‘avoid dressing like sluts’ in order to avoid being sexually assaulted. It prompted protest marches by women wearing very little and holding signs such as “No means No”. His words had sparked […]

Media Constructions: “Othering” and Nation Building Construct Occupy Protesters as a Threat to Capitalism

Welcome back to the second blog on Toronto’s Occupy movement. In this second blog, I will critically analyze the media coverage of Toronto’s Occupy movement. Specifically, I review newspaper articles from the Toronto Star that construct individual identities of two key players, Susan Ursel and Antonin Yvan Mongeau. Furthermore, the three key media scripts of […]