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Maple Spring Movement 2012

For the past two decades, the Quebec government has witnessed thousands of students restlessly protest their intentions to raise post-secondary tuition fees.  In the 1990s, the Liberal government projected an increase of $500 to $1600 in tuition and increase of $280 annually over four years (The Canadian Press, 2012, May 22).  This sparked one of […]


In the 1990’s, the Quebec Liberal Government proposed a tuition hike for students which would increase it from $500 to $1600 (CBC News, 2012). This proposal led to an uproar from students who argued that it was unfair and subsequently thousands took to the street in protest. Unfortunately, their voices were not heard and eventually […]

Montreal Student Protest: Critical Analysis

This article will provide the final analysis of the Montreal Student protest. I will be drawing upon concepts by Hall et al, Rose, and Esmonde to provide this analysis. Hall et al article helps question the common sense approach taking by the state and media during the protest. The concept of transactional perspective provides understanding […]

The Montreal Student protest: The influence of the media

Montreal student protests like all protests consist of two different and opposing positions. The Students’ position is that they are not willing to pay any increase in tuition. They argue that tuition has increased 4 fold in the past few decades and students are in financial hardships because of this. Any increase would contribute to […]

The Montreal Student Protests

The Quebec student protests began in March of 2011 and ended in September 2012. The main issue that caused these protests was the Provincial Liberal government’s proposal to increase tuition fees from $2,200 to $3,800 over the next 5 years. These protests have been a contentious issue among both Quebecers and residents of other provinces. However, […]